TOPWASTE is an international research project running in the period 2011-2015. It is partially funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The objectives of the TOPWASTE project is to contribute to improved use of waste for energy or material recycling integrating economic and environmental considerations including resource scarcity.

This project includes a coordinated set of four tools to analyse and plan investments and activities, taking into account that the waste management sector and the energy sector are intertwined and will be subject to new market conditions:

  1. A new least-cost optimisation model which prioritises between different current and emerging recycling and waste-to-energy alternatives (OptiWaste)

  2. A new life cycle assessment (LCA) tool giving an overview of environmental impacts (EnviroWaste)

  3. An improved econometric model which projects the future amounts of waste (FRIDA)

  4. An improved least-cost optimisation model of the national energy system assessing the impact of waste on the energy system (Balmorel).
The tools are applied to the Danish situation through analyses of future scenarios.

There are 11 project partners from research institutions, consultancies and industry from Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Furthermore, the project includes an Advisory Board which consists of members from 8 institutions in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Sweden and 3 industrial collaborators.